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Gosh these bring back memories. When I attended our class was held on the partitioned off stage. Teachers I recall were Mr Griffiths (headmaster), Miss Burgess, and Mr Howarth - Mrs Howarth (his wife) taught the infants. We had regular trips to the church and to the adjoining "rec" - playing on swings and roundabout.

Wow these are fantastic, any idea what year these were taken?

Mrs Taylor was the junior 4 teacher around 1958/9. With Miss Burgess junior 1 and Mr Griffiths Headteacher. I also attended the Cubs in the bottom hall

I was a pupil at Parkfield, my name is Barry Ashcroft,I remember the headmaster Mr Griffiths,also the outside toilets. I had a cousin in the school called Stuart Evens,and a friend called John Shaw. At the schooltime I walked from Langley and past the reservoir,I was living at ae foster home on Langley at the time . They were fond times for me and I went on to Moorclose Secondary School.I wish I had any of my old school reports from my time at Parkfield. Love to hear from anyone who recalls knowing me.

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